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Rebuilding with Unsecured Credit

Responsible Credit Use
Examples of Unsecured Credit that are Likely Available
There is no guarantee that you will receive approval on the unsecured credit cards listed; however, we have listed a few that you may likely qualify for approval while rebuilding your credit. Each person's situation is different, but these cards tend to be more common for credit scores and/or situations considered "poor" (600-649) and "very poor" (below 600). 

Please keep in mind that each credit card has varying terms and conditions, and you should read through these before applying. One-time set up fees, annual fees, and monthly fees are listed if applicable; however, it is solely your responsibility to review all fee terms and conditions.

We have listed a few below, and we offer a list of 25 unsecured credit lines that can be purchased for $9.95 through our website. 
It is not uncommon at all that things happen with our credit profile over the years ranging from getting credit too young to personal issues such as divorce. This is just a stepping stone and a learning experience to the next part of your financial journey through life. 

Commonly, we are told that one way to rebuild credit is to manage a secured credit card. This is a great way to rebuild credit because you will establish a rapport with a credit issuer, the interest rate may be more competitive than other potential cards you qualify, and rarely do you encounter high set-up fees.
However for many people, a security deposit requires you to match the credit limit. This results in a low card limit, and it requires use of funds that may be crucial on your journey to rebuilding credit.

If used responsibly, an unsecured credit card can assist with rebuilding your credit. Responsible use of credit cards means paying timely more than the minimum payment amount due each month, limiting use to emergency or unforeseen circumstances, and trying to maintain a favorable utilization rate of roughly 10-30% (amount spent in proportion to the total credit limit). 
unsecured credit card

American Express EveryDay® Credit Card

​Annual Fee

Interest Rate
13.24 - 23.24% APR 
(introductory offers may be available)

Balance Transfer Rate
0% APR for balance transfers requesting in the first 30 days of opening the account for 12 months (after the first 12 months, the rate goes to 13.24 - 23.24% APR)

Cash Advance Rate
25.49% APR

Amex Everyday 2-1 Program
  • For each dollar charged on an eligible purchase, you get one Membership   Rewards® point.
  • You get an additional point on the first $6,000 of eligible   purchases in a calendar year at U.S. supermarkets excluding superstores     or warehouse clubs.

Other membership programs include
  • Double Membership Rewards® Points
  • Entertainment Access®
  • Global Assist®

**Credit approvals for this credit card are targeted for those looking to strengthen credit. Typically, you should have a "fair" credit score (650 and higher). Some people have been approved with lower scores, but every credit application is evaluated differently.

Good for Strengthening Credit

unsecured credit for rebuilding credit

Gettington Credit ™

Annual Fee

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases
(These APRs will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.)

Must purchase items in the Gettington online or physical catalog.

Good for Rebuilding Credit

credit card for rebuilding bad credit

Merrick Bank ™ Visa®

Rates & Fees Vary 

16.7 - 29.95% APR

Annual Fee
$0 - $96 for the first year & $0 - $8 per month thereafter

$0 - $75 one-time account set-up fee

$0 - $12 per additional card issued & $0 - $1 per month thereafter


Good for Rebuilding Credit

Are you looking for more options for unsecured credit offerings?

You can purchase our list of 25 unsecured credit lines that you may qualify for approval.

We do not guarantee any approvals, and these are simply a list of suggested credit lines that have helped others re-establish, build, &/or maintain their credit standing.